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The shape of the foot

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Sandals are footwear that are often used to keep the feet of sharp objects while walking. Sandals also become a trend center for the fashion world. People will buy the right slippers to see if the sandals are good to wear or not. They will choose attractive sandals at first glance. But its very very shape to what is charged sandals. Therefore, how to choose sandals according to the foot shape is very important.

If you see sandals look good this time is still good. Because in fact it is very severe shape against the suitability of the use of sandals. Each person’s legs have different shapes, so when buying sandals it would be to see the suitability of sandals and legs. Do not get used to just following trends because the time trends that exist if not suitable to be used in a special way will reduce the appearance.

Before buying sandals it would be nice to understand how to choose sandals according to the shape of the foot. Here’s how to choose sandals in accordance with the shape of the foot:

The shape of the slender legs

Having a slender leg shape is the shape of the foot that every person dreams of. Slender legs and tiers are often owned by models. This foot shape is very suitable to use any type of sandals. But there are still types of sandals to avoid the type of sandals are slender and pointy on the front.

For the slim and small legs is perfect if using gladiator model sandals. This sandal has a rope that will be circular in the leg so that the foot will look beautiful. Not only women, men are also good when using this model of sandals. Besides convenient to use these sandals are also fashionable.

The shape of the foot with a large wrist

How to choose sandals according to the shape of the foot with a large wrist is quite difficult. Therefore it takes a trick to be able to choose sandals with a foot shape with a large wrist that is suitable when used. If wrong in the use of sandals model then the foot will look fat. One of the sandals model that fits perfectly with the foot shape is the strapy heels model. This sandal-shaped model is a sandal with a combination of straps on it. Other models such as sandals ankle strap model is a sandal that has a strap on the ankle.

 Short legs

Having a short leg shape is very annoying because in using sandals need to choose the appropriate otherwise will not look good. If you have a short leg shape should avoid sandals that have a striking feel or ornaments that are too potpourri. By using sandals that have many ornaments or striking will make many people pay attention to the feet so that the short legs will be clearly visible. Therefore choose a sandal with mono color like a neutral brown color. Brown color on sandals will disguise foot size.

  Foot shape with large calves

How to choose sandals according to the shape of the next foot is to see the shape of the foot if it has a foot shape with a large calf. Many people feel inferior when having legs with large calves. But do not worry, if you can choose the right sandals it will still look look cool. Thus should be able to choose the model of sandals in accordance with the shape of the foot.One suitable sandal model used by people who have large calves is to use a strap sandal. With the existing accessories on the sandals like the lines of the rope in the sandals will make the legs more sexy and slender.

Foot shape with wide legs

For how to choose sandals according to the shape of the foot with the next wide leg is to choose the slipper that leads to the pointed tip is also slender. Sandals with this model will help reduce the width of the foot. At the front of the sandal try a little open so that the fingers will look a little peep so it will give the impression of slim on the foot.

Have a leg with a wide shape try not to choose slippers made from bending. Slender sandals following the shape of the foot will make the legs look clear and can not cover the width of the foot. Also do not use slippers with size fitting because the back leg will be sore pinched.

Fat foot shape

If you have a fat foot shape, how to choose sandals in accordance with the shape of the foot better to use sandals with high heels. Right with the size of 3cm to 5cm will make the foot higher and also slim. But use the right with the right flat, do not use the pointed right because at the time of running will make uncomfortable.

The shape of the big legs is big

How to choose male sandals according to the form of a large high foot that is by utilizing thin sandals and also has a medium height. In order not to look flashy or large avoid the use of sandals with the right model is thin or too high and pointed. Having high and large legs would be suitable if the use of comfortable sandals is used. Due to other functions of footwear, sandals are also used for body support. Therefore if the sandals are used uncomfortable will cause errors in running.

Small tall foot shape

Having a small high-leg shape like a model is very easy in finding sandals. This professional foot shape can use sandals with any model. Quite fun if it has this foot shape. Used sandals can be entitled to high or without rights, but also can choose sandals that are small in the shape of the foot.

Sandals become one of the most important fashion items. Besides being used to protect the feet from existing objects on the ground or to maintain foot hygiene therefore there must be understanding Need to understand in choosing sandals in order to look professional and suitable when sandals are used


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